To Smudge or Not To Smudge

Despite being quite capable of losing to five-year olds at art competitions, I know, even in my painfully limited knowledge about painting that Smudging is a pretty essential tool that all artists use. Krita has an excellent Color-smudge brush module which is again at the core of the brush module.


Now, there are mainly three properties that are usually associated with Smudging :

  • Smudge Length : This decides that how long ( in terms of pixels relative to brush size ) do you want the smudging to have effect
  • Color Rate : How much the brush’s selected color should affect the whole smudging and how much the background color should affect the smudging
  • Smudge Radius : How much radius around the brush ( relative to brush size ) should be considered while calculating the color of the smudging

Now while Krita had the former two properties implemented and well used, the third property “Smudge Radius” was not implemented till now. So after going through this wish




To Smudge or Not To Smudge